Prostheses for Specific Activities

When it comes to getting out and getting active, a unique, custom-made prosthesis can be exactly the tool you need. We are specialists in the design and creation of innovative activity-specific devices that let you get into all kinds of hobbies, sports and recreation.

Amber Loves Sports!

Amber Peterson was born without her right hand, but watching her play sports today, you probably wouldn’t even notice. Beginning around age 5, with the help of custom, activity-specific prostheses, Amber was able to use her right “hand” to play the violin, swing the bat for Tee-Ball, swim with both hands and play with her friends. Currently, her active lifestyle includes bicycling, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer and more. Her parents used to wonder: Will Amber be able to do the things other kids do?  Now they’re busy trying to keep up with her schedule for practices, games and having fun. It’s a pretty great life!


Max Okun Workout Prosthesis

Upper limb prosthetics specialists at Advanced Arm Dynamics worked with one-armed bodybuilder Max Okun on a customized prosthetic arm to use specifically in the gym. The unique design created by Rob Dodson, CPO, FAAOP, and Julian Wells, CPO, FAAOP, mimics the function of an elbow, allowing Okun to lift weights more effectively and achieve symmetrical muscle development.


Four-way locking wrist with tool system

Any tool that you are interested in using with your prosthesis is available with this amazing four-way locking wrist and attachable tool system.


Custom Devices for Activities and Hobbies 

Partial hand amputee Scott Haskins enjoys a range of prosthetic options created by prosthetist MacJulian Lang, CPO, FAAOP, at the Northwest Center of Excellence in Portland, Oregon. Scott's outdoor lifestyle called for some unique activity-specific devices. He also has a passive cosmetic silicone restoration that restores the natural appearance of his right hand.




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