bebionic hand

Sometimes, smaller is better.  For example, a Tesla Roadster is small, and it goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds. Smartphones are small, and they’ve transformed how the entire world communicates. And the newest myoelectric hands are small, but they’re making a BIG impact in the lives of people like our friend Angel….

The bebionic hand is a multiarticulating myoelectric hand from Otto Bock. It features 14 different grip patterns and hand positions, including the unique mouse grip for using a computer mouse; trigger grip for using spray bottles; and precision grip for securely handling small items. 

Powerful microprocessors continuously monitor the position of each finger, providing precise and reliable control over hand movements. The thumb, which has selectable thumb positions, has been redesigned for increased strength, and previous issues with the thumb cable have been corrected.  

Individual motors in each finger are positioned to optimize weight distribution and make the hand feel lighter and more comfortable. The durability of the fingers has been improved with stronger springs and and more robust knuckles. Now able to carry up to 99 pounds, the bebionic hand has almost doubled its grip strength over earlier versions of the hand. 

Bebalance software allows clinicians to wirelessly program and monitor the hand, making it possible for the hand to be set up to meet the specific requirements of the individual user. A selectable auto-grip feature senses when a gripped item is slipping and automatically tightens the grip for a secure and safe hold.    
The bebionic hand comes with a high definition silicone cosmetic glove that is available in 19 skin shades. The unique multi-layered silicone is resilient to tears yet is also soft and flexible, moving freely over the hand. A custom silicone glove that is individually sculpted can be special ordered. And for people who prefer a futuristic appearance, there is also a jet black glove. The hand has four wrist options: an electric quick disconnect wrist, a standard friction wrist, studded hand plates and a short friction wrist for long transradial or wrist disarticulation applications.


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