Consulting Services for Prosthetists

We believe that every prosthetic and orthotic facility wants to provide the highest level of care for its patients, while allowing the business to thrive in an increasingly competitive health care market. With our comprehensive approach and unique strengths, we can help you achieve your goals in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

Through our unique consulting services you and your patient would have access to the most advanced upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation through our multidisciplinary team at our Centers of Excellence. Without obligating your facility for the cost of upper extremity components, our center will take care of that responsibility as well as pursuing reimbursement.

  • Expedited patient fitting utilizing state-of-the art componentry occurs in one to five days from initial casting. It has been shown that once patients seek prosthetic care, success rates dramatically improve the sooner they receive their prosthesis. That’s why we concentrate on one patient at a time, working from start to finish without interruption. We ensure that you always remain the lead practitioner.
  • Securing written authorization for a state-of-the art upper limb prosthesis such as a sophisticated electrically-powered prosthesis, requires a unique approach that is not only time-consuming, but also quite different than that for a lower limb prosthesis. Referral sources often hesitate to authorize care because they are unfamiliar with new prosthetic technologies and their necessity to many patients. Advanced Arm Dynamics’ staff excels in creating effective justification letters and negotiating for maximum reimbursement while educating the referral source.
  • Advanced socket designs and materials improve comfort and suspension. Patients will enjoy the enhanced function and their ability to wear the prosthesis for longer periods of time.
  • Advanced fabrication techniques allow us to make a prosthesis that is lighter in weight and more durable.
  • Basic practitioner training in the course of a fitting allows the local practitioner to provide high quality long-term follow up.  Our service prepares you to provide the follow up that your patient will need.
  • Customized rehabilitation plan includes initial patient assessment, componentry selection and therapy recommendation. Additionally, we can provide patient-to-patient mentoring. This gives new patients the opportunity to interact with more experienced patients, encouraging their success and reducing their anxiety.
  • To learn more about our resources at our centers of excellence click here
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