Traveling for Prosthetics?

Ryan and Colby

If you’re thinking about traveling to another city or state for specialized prosthetic care, you need to know about Destination: Upper Limb

With one quick call---888.507.4138--- you can find out if you qualify for:

  • Assistance with travel expenses 
  • A free comprehensive consultation with an upper extremity prosthetist
  • Access to a wealth of information on specialized upper extremity care 
It’s important for you to realize that out of 4,500 prosthetic clinics in the nation, Advanced Arm Dynamics’ centers are the only ones that focus exclusively on upper extremity. We fit hundreds of upper limb patients each year while most prosthetic clinics see only one or two.

Our prosthetists play a key role in the international scientific research community and also beta test the latest prosthetic technologies from all leading manufacturers. As a result, our patients always have unique access to the newest technologies and techniques from around the globe.

Destination: Upper Limb Specialists could make it easier for you to experience the power of working with a multidisciplinary team of upper extremity specialists.

You must live more than 200 miles from an AAD center to be considered for assistance with travel expenses. 

Traveling for prosthetics could revolutionize your life---call today:  888.507.4138

*Medicare/Medicaid patients are not eligible for Destination: Upper Limb Specialists 
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