Finger and Partial Hand Options

Electric finger solutions for those with finger amputations consist of individually-powered prosthetic fingers that can bend, touch, pick up and point. Electric finger solutions are custom built to match a person’s sound side or to match any remaining fingers.  Advanced Arm Dynamics has played a key role in the research, development and beta testing of electric fingers. Thumb solutions can be built using either powered or non-powered options.

Body-powered finger solutions may be created with multiple fingers, a single finger or a partial finger. Passive cosmetic finger solutions may include multiple fingers, partial fingers and finger tips that fit over the remaining portion of a person's finger to restore the natural appearance of the hand. Multipositional finger joints are sometimes included in these devices to provide some functional grasp and pre-positioning in the fingers. Using the sound hand, the joints can be moved into position to allow for holding a can or bottle, or gripping a handle. For partial hand amputees who have their natural thumb, the prosthesis is designed to provide opposition to the thumb, thereby enhancing the person’s ability to grasp and release. 

Electric Powered Fingers

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