Expedited Fitting

We have developed expedited fitting protocols that allow us to focus on a single patient's care from start to finish without interruption. In three to five days, you will:

  • Have a comprehensive assessment with our multidisciplinary team
  • Set functional goals and therapeutic guidelines
  • Be fit with your initial prosthesis
  • Work with our on-site occupational therapist

Expedited fitting has three phases: Interface, Controls and Alignment.

Phase 1: Interface

  • The prosthetic interface or socket is created using advanced designs and materials to improve comfort and suspension.
  • A comfortable socket is the foundation for the successful use of any prosthesis.
  • Multiple diagnostic test sockets are made to perfect the most advanced interface and assure optimal fit and comfort.

Phase 2: Controls

  • For a myoelectric prosthesis, electrode sites are identified on the patient's residual limb and transferred to the diagnostic interface or socket. Then electrodes are mounted in the diagnostic socket to maximize the patient's muscle signal output (EMG).
  • For body-powered prostheses, the harness, cable and housing are attached to the frame of the prosthesis.
  • The controls phase is completed when optimal control and comfort have been achieved.

Phase 3: Alignment

  • A rigid frame is fabricated for the socket and all prosthetic components are attached.
  • Alignment focuses on the orientation of the patient’s shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist to maximize function and cosmetic restoration.

Comprehensive Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapy (OT) is a critical aspect of expedited fitting that occurs across all three phases. Daily OT training is observed by a prosthetist, adjustments are made, and issues are quickly resolved as they surface.  The objective is positive, steady progress toward the patient’s lifestyle goals.  Often, subtle modifications to the expedited prosthesis lead to improvements in comfort and function that are incorporated in the definitive prosthesis.  After all phases of expedited fitting are completed, patients continue to develop their skills through ongoing OT.

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