i-limb quantum

The i-limb revolution and i-limb quantum feature a powered rotating thumb that automatically switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns. All five digits move independently, bending at the natural joints to fit around the shape of whatever object is grasped. Both i-limbs gradually increase the grip strength, making it easier for users to handle heavier items like a bag of groceries. This pulsing grip strength is variable and selectable per digit. Wrist options include a quick wrist disconnect, wrist rotation, a flexion wrist, a friction wrist and wrist disarticulation.
The i-limb quantum with patented i-mo technology is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enbles an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-limb quantum in one of four directions. The quantum is available in four sizes and includes a skin active covering that's available in semi-transparent clear or black. Skin active TS is a covering option that includes a conductive tip on the index finger, making it compatible for use with touch screen devices. Other features include: 
  • Four methods of control: Gesture, App, Muscle, Proximity
  • Speed boost that increases digit speed by up to 30 % Faster
  • Power boost that increases power by 30% when required
  • Battery life extended by 50%

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The i-limb revolution and i-limb quantum are the only prosthetic hands that can be controlled by apps from a mobile device. Using a phone, ipad or ipod, users can touch a screen icon and their hand will move instantly into one of 36 possible grip patterns, including index point, mouse grip, cylindrical, handshake, thumb rotate, custom grip and more. Each hand comes with an ipod with mobile apps.  

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