In The News: Jameson Davis

When Brooke Davis became pregnant in the summer of 2011, she and her husband Jim were ecstatic. An ultrasound at 20 weeks confirmed that the Davis' were going to have a son---but it also revealed some serious health concerns about their baby. Doctors explained to Brooke and Jim that their son's arms had not fully developed and that he did not have forearms or hands. They were also told that the baby might not survive, but the Davis' remained very optimistic.

In April 2012, they celebrated the birth of baby Jameson, a healthy boy with small arms that ended above the elbow. When he was seven months old, Jameson was fitted with his first set of passive prosthetic arms and will be fitted with myoelectric prostheses when he is about 18 months old.

Brooke started a blog after Jameson was born and posts comments and photos regularly.  Click here if you'd like to check in on how things are going for the Davis family.

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