Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a critical component of upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation. Unlike other prosthetic facilities, our on-site therapists coordinate your complete prosthetic rehabilitation. They will work with you through your fitting process to train you on relearning specific tasks, motor skills, positioning and posture.  

Our therapists work exclusively with people who have experienced upper limb loss. That’s a stark contrast to the average occupational therapist who rarely sees an arm amputee and is unfamiliar with upper limb prosthetics. 

The earliest phase of occupational therapy may begin while your surgical wound is still healing, then progress through the pre-prosthetic, interim prosthetic and post-prosthetic phases. Throughout every phase of your care, therapists offer guidance on coping with limb loss, regaining independence, making modifications to your home or vehicle, and being a successful, long-term prosthetic user. 

Occupational therapy accelerates your rehabilitation and is essential to your success.

Occupational Therapy

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