Prosthetic Options

There are six prosthetic options for upper limb amputees and people with congenital limb differences. The selection of a prosthesis is based on a range of factors. These include the level of amputation, the condition of the residual limb, the individual’s goals, the desired appearance of the prosthesis, and any activity or work-related requirements. The cost of various prosthetic options is also an important factor. While insurance companies and funding sources have their own guidelines, our experienced team of justification and authorization specialists will advocate on your behalf.


Our philosophy is to inform people with limb loss or limb difference about the prosthetic options that are available and give them the opportunity to decide which are most appropriate for their lifestyle and needs. Frequently, more than one prosthetic option may be needed for people to accomplish all of their goals.


The six prosthetic options are:

  1. No prosthesis
  2. Passive cosmetic restoration
  3. Body-powered prosthesis
  4. Electrically powered prosthesis
  5. Hybrid prosthesis
  6. Activity-specific prosthesis


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