Prosthetics for Children

Amber Peterson was born without her right hand, but watching her play sports today, you probably wouldn’t even notice. Beginning around age 5, with the help of custom, activity-specific prostheses, Amber was able to use her right “hand” to play the violin, swing the bat for Tee-Ball, swim with both hands and play with her friends. Currently, her active lifestyle includes bicycling, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer and more. Her parents used to wonder: Will Amber be able to do the things other kids do?  Now they’re busy trying to keep up with her schedule for practices, games and having fun. It’s a pretty great life!


There's big news in small hands! The multiarticulating i-limb quantum is now sized for children, and the multiarticulating bebionic 3 has a smaller size that fits teens. There's also the more basic Mylino hand  and wrist for children, a myoelectric design with a natural looking cosmetic glove. And for infants less than 18 months old, tiny passive hands are the usual choice.

Activity-specific prostheses for kids are available for swimming, bicycling, holding a bat, and much more. Another important option for children is an adjustable compression socket system with a lacing closure device. These sockets expand to accommodate a rapidly growing limb and allow for longer periods of use between fittings. There are all kinds of choices for all kinds of children!

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