Taska hand

A bionic hand that's waterproof and dustproof!

Waterproof, dustproof and durable, TASKA sets a new standard in myoelectric hands. Engineered to help people do more, the practical TASKA makes it easier to work both indoors and outside without worry about damaging the hand. Created by a team of developers in New Zealand, TASKA has launched in the American market and is now available at every Advanced Arm Dynamics location.


Key Features

The Taska hand's robust design is ideal for medium to heavy daily activities like washing a car, doing yard work, using power tools and lifting heavier objects up to about 40 pounds. The rotating thumb and flexible fingers offer fluid movements and multiple grasp patterns, while the hand itself has a strong, sleek appearance.   

Grip Patterns

TASKA offers 23 grip patterns. For new users, the initial focus is on three primary grip patterns that support most daily tasks around the home or workplace: flexi-tool, general grasp and pincher precision grip. Once a TASKA user is comfortable with these three primary grips, 20 additional grip patterns can be explored, unlocking more advanced capabilities like the two-fingered trigger grip for spray bottles or drills, and the spherical grip, where the thumb rolls out of the way to hold and eat an apple or peel vegetables. Custom grips can also be made and programmed into the hand. The prosthetic team works with each person to program preferred grips into the Grip Cycle buttons on the back of the hand. 

Taska Hand Grips
Video and photos courtesy of Taska Prosthetics.

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