In The News: Tom Seibert

Tom Seibert was starting his senior year in high school when he lost his left hand after being injured while wakeboarding at the lake.  As a young athlete and outdoorsman, Tom choose prosthetic designs that were rugged— electric hooks and greifers, body-powered designs, and a range of customized activity prostheses to use for weightlifting, lacrosse and swimming.  He played lacrosse on his college team, graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in exercise science, works part-time as a personal trainer, and is a business development manager at Advanced Arm Dynamics.

Tom is passionate about being outside and being active. His interests include snowboarding, hiking, camping, fly fishing, skydiving, weight training, off-roading in his Jeep, and playing golf. In June 2014 he was fitted with his first multi-articulating bionic hand, the i-limb revolution. The hand features a thumb that rotates automatically and has 24 grip patterns that are programmed with a mobile app. Tom says, it’s the little things he can do with the i-limb that make the difference: holding his wallet at the ATM, opening doors,  and driving with both hands.  All that dexterity and it looks cool too!

Bloomberg - Rise of the Bionic Man: High-Tech Hand for Amputees

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