Fingers for Partial Hand

Emerging technologies are leading to smaller, stronger and more natural designs for body-powered and electrically powered fingers. Body-powered finger solutions may be created with multiple fingers, a single finger or a partial finger. Passive cosmetic finger solutions may include multiple fingers, partial fingers and finger tips that fit over the remainng portion of a person's finger to restore the natural appearance of the hand.    
Electric finger solutions consist of individually-powered prosthetic fingers that can bend, touch, pick up and point. These prostheses are custom built to match a person’s sound side or to match any remaining fingers. Advanced Arm Dynamics has played a key role in the research, development and beta testing of electric fingers. Thumb solutions can be built using either powered or non-powered options. 

Many factors are considered before deciding on the best prosthetic solution including:  the level of amputation, the condition of the remaining portion of the hand, the individual’s goals, the desired appearance of the prosthesis, and any activity or work-related requirements. 


Electric and Body-Powered Fingers  


Body-Powered Fingers

Options for body powered fingers include a partial M-Finger or M-Fingers, which can restore basic grasping ability to people who have lost multiple fingers.


Silicone Cosmetic Restorations


Silicone cosmetic restorations allow people with partial hand amputations to wear a passive prosthesis that looks almost identical to their real hand. These extremely lifelike restorations offer people an alternative to using their residual limb with no prosthesis. Silicone cosmetic restorations appear so realistic that they are virtually unnoticed by others.

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