What You Need to Know

  • There are about 4,500 prosthetic clinics in the United States and Advanced Arm Dynamics’ centers are the only ones that focus exclusively on comprehensive upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation.
  • Advanced Arm Dynamics served as the sole provider of upper limb prosthetic care at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for 11 years, serving wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The intensity of their prosthetic needs pushes us to think outside the box and devise creative solutions. 
  • Expedited fitting protocols mean that in one to five days, our patients are fit with an initial prosthesis, begin occupational therapy and have access to a licensed counselor.  
  • Patients have access to the newest technologies and techniques. We play a key role in international scientific research, and beta test the latest prosthetic technologies. 
  • We have fit patients in South and Central America, Europe and Africa.
  • Our national team of authorization specialists will facilitate insurance authorization and other types of funding assistance. As the patient's dedicated advocate, we work to obtain the maximum reimbursement possible and lessen the financial impact of prosthetic care.


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