Why Advanced Arm Dynamics?

Advanced Arm Dynamics is focused on a singular goal: upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation. That’s a striking difference from the general prosthetic clinic where more than 90 percent of the patients are lower extremity. While most clinics see one or two upper limb patients a year, we see hundreds.


  • People with upper limb amputation or limb difference are a very small percentage of the total amputee population. Most general prosthetists will not see enough upper limb patients to justify getting specialized training and access to the latest technologies and techniques.
  • We work with hundreds of upper limb patients each year at our Centers of Excellence across the nation.
  • Unlike other prosthetic facilities, our occupational therapists are on-site and work with patients continuously throughout fitting and rehabilitation.
  • A licensed counselor is part of our prosthetic rehabilitation team to assist patients and their families.

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